“As a designer, I often try to combine theoretical research about human behaviour and material research into a sensorial stimulating project. Texture and colour play important roles in the outcome of my work.”

I’m a designer that likes to work from a material. Tests and try-outs give me insights that gets my creativity going. Next to that I have a big affection with colour and textures. I always need to feel a material, no matter what I’m doing. The affection for colour is mostly seen in my experiments and material tests, but also in my #lekkermatchen series on Instagram. 
What stands out in my designs, is that they all contain humor. I believe that we’re already taking our lives very serious and we could use some more light objects in our lives. I do take my projects seriously, but I want people to be able to laugh about the outcome. Especially when working with topics like touch deprivation, sexuality and bad habits I feel it’s important to talk about these subjects in a light way.
Often, I try to find the fine line between art and design.

2016-2020: Willem de Kooning Academy, Product Design – Hacking
2015-2016: Design Academy Eindhoven
2014 – 2015: UCA Farnham (UK), Foundation year in art & Design, 3DD

2020: Online graduation show, Willem de Kooning Academy Graduates 2020
2019: Worm Rotterdam, Minor Inconvenience
2018: Dutch Design Week, WdKA x Pharos. Design to Quit

tabaknee.nl, Pharos x WdKA