In need of extra hands for a specific project or a big order? I’m your girl!

As a small company, the step to hire someone permanently can be very big. Even though you’d like an extra pair of hands now because of a big load of orders or a new project, you’re not sure if you can afford it in two months. To fill the gap of open work hours, you can hire me to help out. Deployable on a big variety of tasks, I can give you the breathing space you need to keep up with work without getting stuck on a specific task.

Production assistent

A big order from a company or a lot of orders from individuals? Let me help you out with the production and packing of these orders. Or are you an artist and could you really use the help of extra hands on a new work? Maybe you want to test out a material but just can’t find the time.
I am experienced with sewing objects, pouring ceramics, running lasercutters, sawing wood and metal and also much more. With a love for experimenting and working with my hands, I’d love to help you out.

Handling orders

Sudden increase in orders or wanting to start a new project but held back by orders? I will carefully pack your orders for shipping and ensure that each package contains everything. Contact with customers and shippers is possible to outsource to me.
This can also be done for an exhibition or shipping a big piece. Everything will be packed with attention and care to be sure it arrives at its destination in the best condition.

Digital services

Working on a new website and need to upload all information of products? Or do you need help with the adjustments of photographs or documents in Adobe programs? Let me help you out by doing these often meticulous but repetitive jobs. With a great eye for detail and patience I’ll get you the results you need!

Let me help you out.