Rotterdam Gents started off from an interest in old marine knots. The tying of knots didn’t only happen because of necessity, but  sailors also did a lot of tying to keep themselves occupied during their trips on seas and oceans. It caused a more broad of use of knots. This made me realise that I could combine knots with a more decorative outcome. 
By playing around and bringing rope with me everywhere for a few weeks, I ended up making a bowtie from it.
The bowtie was interesting but not really there yet, by heating and pressing it the white inside came up and the bowtie stayed in shape. From here I worked further on products for men. The line consists of a bowtie, cufflinks and a pochet. I used three different knots, for every  product one. The melting makes them more visible and gives you an insight on how it works. It is meant to be a souvenir from the city of Rotterdam, representing both the though world of the harbours, but also the world class this city has. It has a humorist and playful hint since I feel that Rotterdammers always keep room for a joke.